Fair Tropical Timber BV

Fair Tropical Timber BV imports tropical timber from community forests in developing countries. Fair Tropical Timber offers access to the export markets and trade opportunities for small communities, cooperatives and small-scale community based forest enterprises. A part of the revenues from timber are invested directly in the local economy. This way the forest generates income for local communities.


Fair Tropical Timber BV is only working on the basis of pre sale and delivers to importers and industry. Small quantities of timber are availble via www.plankencentrale.nl


News March 2010

Fair Tropical Timber BV launched with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) a project around assessing the commercial opportunities for exploitation of tropical hardwoods by Community Forests in the region of Campo Ma’an, South West Cameroon (WWF-Kudu Zombo project). WWF wants to protect the national park Campo Ma’an, which has an abundant richness in biodiversity with a ring of community forests where local communities have the freedom to exploit the forest. In this way the local people will not touch the National Park and stays nature intact. A promising road is being paved to succesfully combine nature protection, poverty reduction and sustainable trade.
More about the WWF-Kudu Zombo project can be read on: http://www.panda.org/who_we_are/wwf_offices/cameroon/?146881/Kudu-Zombo-Newsletter

News December 2011

Fair Tropical Timber BV worked succesfully with SNV Cameroon (see http://www.snvworld.org/en/countries/cameroon) to help them with their Community Forestry Exploitation project. FTT developed a manual for export market demands and did a market study to support communities with their endeavours to find partners in the demanding export market. A brochure was developed by SNV based on the report of FTT that supports communities to comply to export demands in a.o. species, sizes and quality demands.

News December 2012

The Congo Basin Program (CBP see http://www.congobasinprogram.com/en/home) has included community forests in its program. FTT will explore possibilties for certification of legal export of community timber and sustainble forestry. The process will start with working towards a due dilligence system for legal production and export of community timber. The second phase of the project will focus more on sustainabile management of these forests.